Lift & Slide Doors

Our Reynaers CP130 sliding doors add eye-catching impact to the exterior of your home. The outward appearance focusses on stunning glass areas, highlighted by bold aluminium sections styled with clean lines that work in harmony with the character of any home.

These sliding doors deliver optimum performance and are tested to the highest standards to ensure reliability. The Reynaers CP130 system is at the leading edge in its design features, aesthetics, smooth operation and durability.

Lift & Slide doors CP130 profile

The strong, thermally broken aluminium sections enable the creation of dramatic sliding with large glass areas without reducing thermal or weather resistance. Special lift and slide mechanisms enable even large panels, of up to 300 kg, to slide open and close smoothly.

When closed these large sliding doors form a thermally efficient glass fa├žade, a wonderful way to flood a space with light and enjoy beautiful views.

The aluminium profiles of these sliding doors are designed with an attractive modern style with signature strong lines that balance the quality of the large panels. The thermal performance of aluminium sections is enhanced with fibreglass reinforced polyamide breaks for enhanced thermal performance. Sliding panels will accept a range of glazing options, including sealed double or tripled glazed units up to 43mm.


REYN-2625 Sliding Door

Our sliding doors are available in a huge range of polyester powder coated paint, available in over 150 RAL colours to a standard 60 microns finish, including a selected range of textured finishes. All paint finishes are produced to the highest standards.

Our sliding doors are complemented by a range of high quality attractive handles. Handles are available in a choice of standard colours; with the option to colour match the handles with the doors.

If you desire a wider than normal opening, our sliding doors have the option of using a triple track system that allows multiple sliding doors to open in the same direction at once, giving the potential of up to two thirds opening aperture.

REYN-2647 Sliding Door


You can have peace of mind knowing your home security is assured with high security, using a Siegenia 4 point locking system designed to be secure and burglar resistant.

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